How soon should I start organizing my wedding in Mallorca?

Organizing a wedding is one of the most exciting moments in a couple's life but it can also be a challenging task. It is an event that celebrates love and togetherness, and as such, requires careful and detailed planning. As the date approaches, the to-do list can seem endless, but with good planning and organization, everything can be accomplished effectively. From venue selection to menu and music choices, there are many decisions to be made. But how much time does it really take to organize a wedding in Mallorca? Here are some useful tips to help you organize a successful wedding.

Times to Organize a Wedding in Mallorca

In general, it is recommended that couples begin planning their wedding at least one year before the wedding date. This is because there are many details that need to be organized and coordinated, and it often takes a long time to make important decisions. In addition, many of the wedding service suppliers, such as photographers, musicians and venues, are booked well in advance if we want to secure the date.

However, if time is a limiting factor, it is still possible to plan a memorable wedding in less time with maximum effort and dedication. 

Below, we will explain you the steps to plan a wedding and the recommended times for each one.

12-18 months before the wedding:

Establish a budget

Before you begin planning any wedding details, it is essential to establish a budget for which the couple should consider all expenses, from dress and decorations to food and entertainment. Having a set budget will help ensure that you don't overspend and that all decisions are in line with the budget. Also, this way, you will be able to divide the budget among the different suppliers, assigning the amount you deem appropriate to each item. 

Once you have a clear idea about your budget, you can make more informed decisions about where and how to spend your money.

Choose a date

Once you have defined the budget you want to allocate to the wedding, you can choose a date. This may seem obvious, but there are many factors to consider, such as the availability of the wedding venue, the availability of suppliers and the schedule of guests. It is recommended to choose a date at least 9-12 months in advance to allow enough time to coordinate these factors and a date that fits with you.

Prepare the guest list

The next step is to make a guest list. This can be a challenging process, especially if you have a large social circle or a big family. Be sure to include everyone who is important to you, as well as those who are essential to the family. Once you have an initial list, you can review it and adjust it according to your budget. 

6-9 months to the wedding:

Select the catering and taste the menu

Food and drink are a key part of any wedding, so it's important to choose an option that appeals to all tastes. Whether it's a formal banquet or a casual lunch, make sure there's enough food and drink for your guests and that it fits within your budget. 

We recommend selecting a catering provider and choosing the menu at least 6-9 months before the wedding. This way you will have time to make adjustments and modifications as needed. 

Order the bride's dress and groom's suit 

The bride's dress and groom's suit can't be missed! It is important to choose a style that fits your personality and is comfortable to wear throughout the celebration. Make sure the suit and dress fit your budget and order well in advance in case any necessary adjustments need to be made.

Contract service providers (photographer, DJ, florists, entertainment, etc.)

Wedding service suppliers, such as photographers, musicians and florists, should also be booked well in advance. It is recommended to do this at least 6-9 months before the wedding to guarantee the availability of your favorite supplier and to make your wedding in Mallorca a success. Don't forget to always keep your budget in mind!

3-6 months before the wedding:

Order alliances

If you are not sure what kind of wedding rings to choose, don't miss the blog that we made explaining everything you need to know before ordering them.

Enviar las invitaciones

Other aspects to keep in mind is to deliver the wedding invitations to your guests with enough time for them to get organized, especially if they live elsewhere and have to travel. In this case, you should also choose an accommodation close to the wedding venue for all those guests who need it to ensure that they do not run out of places at the last minute. 

If it is a destination wedding, we recommend that you send the invitations to your guests more than 6 months in advance. 

Legal formalities

You can check in our blog "Procedures for a religious wedding, do you know them?" and, if you want to celebrate a civil wedding, the right blog for you is "Do you know the procedures for a civil wedding? In it we explain you the legal formalities that you have to fulfill in each case to be able to arrange a marriage in Mallorca and the exact moment to carry out each one of them.

1-3 moths before the wedding:

Hair and make-up trial

Don't leave the hair and makeup trial for the wedding day to the last minute. It is important that you choose a hairstyle and makeup that you are comfortable with and that you feel yourself. 

Other aspects to take into account

There are only a few months left before the wedding and the best thing to do is to make a general review of everything you have already hired and the budget you have spent on each item. This way you will easily see if you need any service or if you want to hire any additional service if your budget allows it. For example, depending on the location of the wedding celebration, it would be important to hire transportation so that all the guests can return in an easy and organized way at the end of the big day.

7-1 days before the wedding::

Ya casi está aquí el día de vuestra boda y, por último, pero no menos importante, os recomendamos que hagáis un ensayo de la ceremonia para que el gran día todo salga a la perfección, recojáis vuestros trajes y aseguraros que de que todo esté perfecto, hacer las maletas para vuestra luna de miel y la cena preboda con familia y amigos que tanto gusta a todos. 

It's already the Big Day!

After an intense year of organization, the big day has arrived and our best advice is to relax and enjoy every detail to the fullest, surrounded by your loved ones. 

How can a Wedding Planner help you to organize a wedding in Mallorca?

A wedding planner can help you in all aspects of planning and organizing your wedding. 

As you can see once you do the first search, there is a wide variety of suppliers. This makes it not always an easy task to choose the right suppliers, especially if we do not have previous references in this sector. 

Therefore, the best option to organize your dream wedding in Mallorca is to have a wedding planner because we, as Wedding Planners in Mallorca, are experts in the sector and we will work with you to perfectly understand your tastes and preferences. 

At Sestra Weddings & Eventswe also work with the best local suppliers to ensure that your wedding becomes an unforgettable event and experience.

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