How to choose the flowers for my wedding according to the season?

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When starting to organize a wedding, one of the questions that the bride and groom always have is what type of floral decoration to choose, since there is a wide range of flowers and colors. In addition, we all agree that flowers are a must have at a wedding as they dress every corner of it, from the bride's bouquet to the entrance to the church, the altar, the chairs, the corner of welcome, the center of the table and a long etcetera.

They must go in accordance with the rest of the elements of the wedding, therefore, the couple must first choose the style, color range and theme they want for their wedding. Once the choice is made, you have to choose between preserved flowers, widely used for boho-chic style weddings, or cut flowers, used in most weddings as they easily adapt to different styles.

If the winning choice is the cut flower, it is best to choose from the variety of seasonal flowers depending on the time of year in which the wedding will take place. This will make them easier to find, much cheaper, and ensures that the flowers look their best.

Another important aspect that we should take into account when choosing the flowers is the resistance of each flower according to the season of the year in which the big day will be celebrated. Thus, for example, it would be advisable to avoid choosing flowers with a low tolerance to heat during the warmer months such as July and August.

Next, we will see the most used flowers according to each season: 


Spring is characterized by being the time of the year in which there is a greater variety of flowers since the increase in temperatures and the hours of daylight make the flowers grow faster and bloom, flooding any landscape with color. 

The most used flowers for weddings during this season are: peonies, ranunculus, hyacinths, roses, azaleas, orchids, lilies, gerberas, tulips, daisies and mimosas. Next, we will highlight the characteristics of some:


They are one of the favorite flowers of brides and their use in weddings has increased considerably in recent years. The peony symbolizes love, happiness and beauty.


We can find lilies of different shades, including white, orange, yellow, pink and purple. Its meaning and symbology changes according to the chosen color. For example, white lilies represent purity and innocence, while orange lilies evoke happiness, joy, and lightness. In addition, it should be noted that they are very versatile flowers to create different compositions together with other flowers and they give off a very pleasant aroma.


If there is a flower that attracts attention for its beauty and elegance, it is the orchid. Along with peonies, it is one of the most used flowers at weddings, although they are not the cheapest. Orchids are considered a symbol of love, affection, admiration and affection.

Buttercups, Gerberas and Tulips

If what we are looking for is to give a much more vibrant touch of color to the wedding, these are the flowers that we should choose. They come in different colors and are associated with joy. 


They are perfect for country weddings and are one of the most economical flowers. They in turn bring simplicity, elegance and romanticism and symbolize new beginnings. 


As we already know, summer is the hottest season of the year and it is important to choose flowers that can withstand high temperatures well so that they are perfect throughout the day of the celebration. 

The most used summer flowers in weddings are the following: roses, astilbe, jasmine, lavender, hydrangeas, gardenias, lilacs, paniculata, dahlias, lilies, sunflowers, freesias, iris. 


It has a very cheerful color so it is ideal for rustic and romantic weddings. It is an economic flower and we can find it in different shades. It symbolizes hope.


They symbolize commitment, affection, elegance and dignity. There are different chromatic options and you stand out for the original shape of its petals. They are perfect to stand out in the centerpieces or at the entrance of the celebration and we can see them more and more often in bridal bouquets.


It is a flower loaded with symbolism, among others, it symbolizes gratitude, beauty and abundance. We can find them in colors such as pink, blue, white, lilac, white, yellow and red.


It is a simple flower but it has a great role when mixed with other flowers, thus giving an elegant touch to any bouquet. It symbolizes simplicity, innocence and elegance. 


Autumn is one of the best seasons to celebrate a wedding due to the weather conditions. In this season, muted, opaque and ocher colors predominate, but this will not make the wedding look less than cheerful.

The flowers that stand out the most are orange, reddish, maroon and brown, thus being easily combined with dry leaves of different shades to provide more color. 

We can highlight zinnias, natural or aged hydrangeas, buttercups, roses, heather and callas. During the autumn you can also use dahlias and sunflowers.


They are widely used in bridal bouquets for their simplicity and elegance. They are characterized by being very resistant flowers and perfectly decorate any room of the wedding. They can be found in different colors. 


Perfect if what we want is to give a touch of color to our wedding since these flowers can be found in different shades.


It is associated with admiration, beauty and good luck. It is one of the most characteristic plants of autumn since it is in this season when it blooms the most.


It is increasingly common to see bride and groom who choose to celebrate their wedding in winter, thus fleeing from the high temperatures and the busy schedules of all the providers. With the arrival of winter we go from the ocher tones of autumn to much more pastel colours, greyish, pink and white. 

The seasonal flowers that are recommended for winter weddings are tulips, hyacinths, roses, anemones, camellias, calla lilies, carnations, and cotton flowers.


The rose is the symbol of love par excellence. We can find them throughout the year, there is a wide variety of colors and sizes and they easily adapt to any idea. Red roses represent love for a lifetime.


During the winter, pink, white or purple tulips stand out, however, we can find them in all colors. They open up a wide range of possibilities when it comes to using them in the floral decoration of a wedding as they have a long stem, a wide range of colors and great versatility. 

Cotton flower

This flower is especially recommended during the winter for the warmth it provides and is perfect for the bouquet of those brides who want to bet on something more original. It symbolizes happiness and purity.

Once we have seen the different types of flowers according to the season of the year in which the wedding will be held, we can appreciate that it is really much more beneficial to choose seasonal flowers and, above all, for our pocket, thus avoiding a large part of the wedding budget. the wedding ends intended for floral decoration.


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