Styles for Weddings in Mallorca

You've just gotten engaged and surely you are anxious to start organizing your dream wedding. The first key step you have to take is to find the wedding style you want for your big day.

You have to choose a style that represents you, that reflects your tastes and your personality. You can follow the latest trends but the best thing is that you always adapt them to you, so your wedding will be your reflection.

Why choose a specific style, its advantages. 

Nowadays, there are infinite options and styles that, in turn, can also be combined with each other. Your wedding day is a unique and unrepeatable day for which you will make a significant financial outlay and, as such, you must make the right decisions so as not to regret it afterwards. 

In order for you to feel identified with your wedding, it is important that you previously choose the style and decoration according to your own tastes and not thinking about your family or friends. It is your day and you have to think exclusively for yourselves.

On the other hand, according to a certain style, it will make your wedding homogeneous and follow the same common thread, thus avoiding having a mixture of styles, colors and themes.

In addition, it will greatly facilitate the work of suppliers to know what you are looking for and thus be able to offer you exactly what you want. 

In short, choosing the style that represents you will make you feel that this is your dream wedding, that it could not have been done in a better way and that everything has gone perfectly. 

How to choose the style properly

In order not to go crazy among so many different styles, we recommend that you first look for inspiration. Lots of inspiration! Both in magazines, as in Instagram and Pinterest and save all the photos that resemble the style that you like the most. 

This will help you create a mood board in a natural way with which it will be much easier and simpler for you to identify which style is your favorite and the one chosen for your day, then, reviewing all the saved images , you will see that most of them will have a relationship with each other. In turn, the color palette that you like and that you can use for your big day will come out naturally.

In this way, in addition to defining the type of wedding you dream of in a fun way, it will help you save a lot of time and last-minute changes in terms of the decisions made.

Examples of popular styles for weddings in Mallorca

Romantic style

If there is something that stands out in romantic weddings, it is the colors used and the floral decoration. Thus, the predominant color is white along with all pinks and nude to give a touch of color. 

The flowers that are most chosen are roses and peonies, in combination with wild flowers to create perfect centerpieces and decorate every corner of the wedding, without forgetting the candles and lanterns that help create a romantic and cozy atmosphere and they are perfect in every corner. 

For the ceremony, the perfect decoration is an arch of flowers in light colors such as pink and white. 

Rural style

They are the weddings that are celebrated far from the bustle of the city, in a farm or rural environment. They can be done in farmhouses, rural houses, fields, gardens, forests or even old mansions that have been renovated and adapted to the environment. In Mallorca we can find all kinds of charming locations perfect for celebrating your dream rural wedding.

What stands out most about them is that they are surrounded by nature and the decoration is fully integrated to create a more informal but warm and romantic atmosphere.

The elements that cannot be missing in this type of wedding are: wood, glass containers, chandeliers, old wooden boxes, pallets, rustic tables and chairs, doors or old furniture such as typewriters and bicycles, among others.

Boho-chic style 

More and more couples are betting on this style. Boho-chic style weddings take place outdoors, in the countryside, gardens, forests or even in vineyards. It is about creating a more relaxed and casual atmosphere that mixes bohemian, ethnic and hippie decoration patterns. 

Flowers are the soul of the party and we find them everywhere, ceremony, centerpieces, as a complement to the bride, chill out corners, etc. The predominant colors are earth-brown colors or very bright colors. It is also very common to use dried flowers. 

It is recommended to use wooden tables, vintage elements, handmade decorations, lots of flowers, books, cushions, lights and candles.

As for the cutlery, couples usually choose to choose pieces in bright colors such as blue or orange for daytime weddings. Gold tones and vintage elements are also very popular.

Vintage style

It is a style inspired by past times and objects such as old suitcases, trunks, rugs, furniture, old books, typewriters, chester sofas, cages and old cameras, among others, are used to transport us to them. Although they may seem small details, it will be precisely these that make the difference and define the style. 

The range of colors that predominate are pastel colors, warm colors such as earth colors to give a cozy and nostalgic look to the environment as a whole.

As for the tables, they are usually made of wood. There are grooms who choose to let them shine by themselves and others prefer to put light-colored tablecloths. On the other hand, we must emphasize that the chairs do not have to be dressed and they do not have to be the same, wood and metal can be combined.

Tips and tricks to make your wedding in Mallorca unforgettable

Once you have organized the entire wedding, the best advice we can give you is that, when the big day arrives, forget all your worries and focus on laughing, dancing and enjoying the moment to the fullest with your loved ones to make That day a magical day that you will not forget. 

And without a doubt, if you do not see yourself capable of carrying out the entire organization or you do not have enough time, to avoid stress and nerves, the best thing we can advise you is to delegate these tasks to professionals since these are experts in the field and know everything unpredictable to make your wedding a real dream.

We help you organize your wedding in Mallorca

If you do not want to go through this organization process alone, we can help and advise you, looking for you the best suppliers and those that best suit your needs and tastes, to make your wedding a unique and unbeatable experience.


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