How to organize a wedding?

Are you thinking of getting married and want to know how to organize your wedding? Here we leave you a series of tips that will surely help you.

After the “Yes, I do” it is time to imagine how we want our big day to be. There are couples who are clear from minute one because they have been dreaming of their wedding day for years, but others not so much and need a little help to know where to start.

When we start organizing how we want our wedding to be, thousands of ideas and doubts arise at the same time. It is also very possible that we have seen thousands of ideas and inspiration from other weddings that we like, but that among them are totally different styles and this, instead of helping us, can confuse us a little more.

In order for the process of organizing your wedding to be as pleasant and fun as possible, it is very important to have good planning and organization and, if necessary and we see that we are overloaded, delegate professionals who are experts in this wonderful world.

Therefore, there are several aspects from which we must start so that the rest of the organization flows in order. 

Choose the type of wedding.

First of all, it is important that you are clear about what type of wedding you want. Religious ceremony or civil ceremony? Intimate wedding or big wedding? Formal or informal wedding? Serious, fun or emotional ceremony? Morning wedding or afternoon wedding? Celebration month? Indoor or outdoor wedding? Cocktail or traditional banquet?

Once you have these basic notes on the type of wedding you are looking to achieve, it will be much easier to define your style.

Choosing the style of the wedding

Finding the wedding style you want for your big day is a key step to start organizing. It is your wedding and you have to choose the style that most resembles your personality, your tastes and that most represents you because the wedding will be your reflection.

There are an infinite number of options and styles that, in turn, can also be combined. In order not to go crazy, we recommend that you search for inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest and save all the photos that resemble the style that you like the most.
This will help you create a mood board with which it will be easier for you to identify which style will be chosen for your day and, in turn, the color palette you want will come out naturally . In addition, it will make it much easier for suppliers to know what you are looking for.

Define the wedding budget

Defining the budget for the wedding is one of the most difficult tasks and it is as important as sticking to it so that it does not get out of hand. This budget will be essential for making decisions regarding how much money to allocate to each game and establish a list of priorities that you do not want missing from your day.

Choose the date and place 

At this point it is important to know if your priority is to get married on a specific date because it has a special meaning for you or in a specific place that brings back many memories.

If you want to celebrate your wedding on a specific date, you have to look for places that have availability for that date. On the other hand, if you want to get married in a specific place, you have to adapt to the availability of the site and choose one of the dates that they provide you. You may be lucky that the place where you want to celebrate your wedding has availability for the date but, if not, you will have to prioritize the date or the place.

Keep in mind that it is increasingly common to celebrate weddings on Fridays, Sundays and even Thursdays. In these cases, there are sites that offer a special price. 

Consider hiring outside help

If at this point you feel that you are not reaching everything and you feel a bit lost, do not hesitate to hire the services of a wedding planner because you will not regret it. You will be able to work hand in hand or even delegate all the work to a person who is an expert in the sector, who knows the best suppliers and who will help and advise you all the way thanks to his extensive experience in the world of weddings 

On the other hand, if you want to organize the wedding yourself, but when the day comes you don't want to take care of the management, previous assembly and dealing with suppliers, there is also the option of delegating the coordination of your day to a wedding planner. This will ensure that everything goes according to plan and it is an option that we recommend to everyone since your wedding day is for you to enjoy it to the fullest and not have to worry about anything.

Prepare the guest list

Making a list of the guests you want to accompany you on your big day is essential for decision making. Although it is a provisional guest list, it is important that you have it to know the approximate budget that you will have to allocate to catering or to choose the place according to its capacity. 

Search and choose providers

For everything to go perfectly, you have to choose the providers that best suit your needs and with whom you feel the most feeling and confidence. Today there are many vendor portals and they will be of great help to you to compare prices, read reviews from other couples and to choose the ones that best suit your type of wedding.

Prepare the documentation for civil or religious proceedings.

Regarding the procedures for celebrating a civil or religious wedding, you can read all the information in the blogs that we dedicate to the matter. 

Remember that these are some basic tips on where you should start with the organization of your dream wedding. Do not forget that behind each wedding there is a great organization and a great number of hours invested, but it will be worth it!


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